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Specially developed electrode for surfacing crane wheels and for surfacing points and crossings (frogs ) of rails.


For hard surfacing rollers of Sugar Mills. Basic coated SMAW electrode for hard surfacing
Hardsurfacing rollers in sugar mills.
Automatic restriking even on wet rollers.
Allows to deposit practically hemispherical dots.
Good weld bead aspect even at high travel speeds.


A heavy coated, basic type electrode developed for highly abrasion resistant claddings on parts subjected to extreme sliding mineral abrasion also at elevated temperature up to 500°C. The electrode is recommended where a combination of hardness and toughness is desired on carbon, low alloy steels, manganese steel and cast iron. Deposited weld metal has good compressive strength.

Carbon Steel LHIW


Easy-to-use electrode with fine droplet transfer. Fine ripple pattern of weld bead. Easy striking and re-striking. Very good slag removal.

Welded joints on steel constructions, in boiler fabrication, car body works, fitting shops , construction steels, etc.


Low heat input all position electrode for medium tensile steel, ductile steel weld.
Finely rippled bead.
Easily detachable slag.
Weld metal is ductile; resistance to cracking.
Radiographic quality.
Weld metal is ductile; resistance to cracking.
Radiographic quality


Low heat input electrode for medium tensile steels. Very smooth, uniform bead of radiographic quality with high metal recovery.
Excellent impact resistance at sub-zero temperature.
Deposited welds are of radiographic quality.
Diffusible Hydrogen in the weld metal is very low, hence it has crack resistance properties.

Stainless Steel LHIW


The rutile coated electrode with a low carbon content, is used for joining and building up of identical low carbon, austenitic CrNi cast steels. Due to the low C content the deposit is highly resistant against intercristaline corrosion and can be used for working temperatures up to + 350°C


Low heat input austenitic stainless steel electrode for stabilized grades of steels. For welding of 304,309,321,347 grades. For surfacing low alloyed and cast steels; extensive usage in food industry, dairy, chemical, aircraft industries, pipelines,hospital equipments, oil refineries etc.


A medium heavy coated rutile type Molybdenum bearing stainless steel electrode depositing weld metal which has very high resistance to hot cracking, chemical corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. Molybdenum imparts resistance to corrosion of reducing nature. The deposited weld metal is of radiographic quality.



GEMET 601 is recommended for cutting or piercing all industrial metals including cast iron and Aluminium without injection of oxygen or compressed air.


Chamfering and gouging of steels, stainless steels, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. For removing weld defects or risers in castings. Beveling cracks in heavy members and back gouging of root run especially when welding at site of steel structures, storage tanks etc.


Gemet 603 is copper coated, air arc gouging carbon rod. Gemet 603 can be used for gouging, cutting, beveling, flushing, back-grooving of weld joints. It can be used on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals like carbon steels and low allow steels, stainless steels including ELC grades, copper, brass, gun-metal, cast-iron, cast-steel, aluminum, etc.

Copper Copper Alloys LHIW


Superior quality tin-bronze filler rods. Welding all types of bronzes and specially phosphorus or tin bronzes of copper together or with ferrous metals. Surfacing of bearings, guide rails, on steel, on cast iron.


Electrodes for tin-bronzes and for surfacing. A special basic coated electrode for welding and surfacing of copper, brass and bronze. Deposited weld metal is free from porosity. The weld bead is smooth uniform and slag is easy to remove.


Electrodes for tin-bronzes and for surfacing. A special basic coated electrode for welding and surfacing of copper, brass and bronze. Deposited weld metal is free from porosity. The weld bead is smooth uniform and slag is easy to remove.

Nickel Nickel Alloys LHIW


A basic coated 70/30 core wire electrode depositing weld metal with very low residuals (S, P, pb, Zn, Sn etc.) and hence maximum crack resistance. The deposited weld metal is resistant to the action of sea water, free of porosity and crack –resistant.


Nickel base basic coated electrode depositing weld metal having about 22 Cr-10 Co-9Mo-55Ni. The weld metal has excellent resistance to corrosion and high temp oxidation in the range 800 deg cent to 1150 deg. cent. The electrode can be used in positional welding and passes radiographic quality requirements.


Medium heavy coated, basic type all- position electrode manufactured by using inconel core wire intended for welding Inconel 600 and similar composition alloys. The deposit tolerates high dilution levels and is very resistant to hot cracking. It is not susceptible to sigma phase embrittlement or carbon migration and is therefore ideal for service at elevated temperatures. The weld metal passes X-ray quality.