About Us

Megafusion is a group formed for supply and service of welding products which are reliable, efficient and have proven themselves millions of times over in everyday operation. Good and timely service which is an important part of every range of products is an aim for us. Reliable assistance through competent specialists to the customers is our specialty.

We have highly specialised technicians of products from brazing wired flus shielded metal arc welding. We consider ourselves to be responsible both for our products and our services. This care is in turn replayed by our esteemed customers and loyal work ethic Our service technicians and employees all benefit from regular training to keep them up-to-date with the latest products and technologies, so that it can be translated into practice and thus ensure extremely reliable service. HeatGEN is the beneficial, happy, and secure working environment that underpins the satisfaction of all our customers throughout India.

Training manuals with well planned training
Simulator for operation
Test Kit
Specially Designed head